The Secret History of the Fogotten Realms

In The Beginning

Our story begins with four people caught in an unnaturally fierce storm. Lightning strikes and blows open a sanctuary from the elements in what seems to be a large dungeon that was once a mausoleum of some sort or a housing place for the dead. The adventurers are apparently a strong antisocial woman who appears to be a monk of some sort, an odd man who is magical and appears to be a healer, a very spiritual man, and a couple of odd ball wizards of various races shapes and builds. While huddling around the fire trying to stay warm the little magical folk more than likely a gnome of some sort attempts to bar the door shut and all of the doors in this room where our characters are spring open and odd scuffling sounds are heard, We find out the sturdy Monk woman Dae Ligh is attacked by a swarm of centipedes and is assisted by her new found comrades.

After much bickering and argument the monk woman takes point and is encountered by a couple of orcs, oddly one of them seems to be friendly after some hullabaloo that is preformed by one of the magical folk and the Monk woman after being stabbed by the orcs snaps the neck of half of the orc duo. Meanwhile a huge troll appeared out of nowhere and attempted to swing and attack the oddly obedient orc, and finally the duo if felled and the party of people raid the corpses for valuables. As the group continues on They come to a body laying down and the party approaches.

All of a sudden the body rises and attacks!!!, after a very long and intense battle including more help from this mysterious troll that seems to be on the side of the party, the party overcomes this monster by setting it on fire and repeatedly attacking it, while the Noble Spiritual man heals the spellcaster who was fallen truly putting himself in harms way in doing so. After this the spellcaster seems to have some sort of loyalty and almost need for the opinion of the elf healer.

The group finds some treasures and proceeds to go down a narrow corridor with the monk taking lead again when suddenly the monk is trapped in webbing and bitten and begins to feel ill. The group retreats after the monk is set aflame while being freed from the web and the group argues on what to do for this spider situation. The Spider comes and attacks the group once more seeing the opportunity in the bickering and the Woman Dae uses some odd technique to weaken the creature while one of the spellcasters makes the creature fall asleep and the Shamanic man and the monk take their Coup de Grace killing the beast.

The party stops and rests in the spiders former lair and begins to explore the dungeon from top to bottom the following day, finding a booby trapped chest and some magical items. After leaving the dungeon the spiritual man parts ways with the group who had gotten overly Dependant on his prescence and a kind old man selling tooth whitening paste is met on the road. after offending the man the group makes it to a small town or two.

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